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Dear Dr Verma,

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    "After being diagnosed with crohns disease and a vesico colic fistula. I have gained a lot of relief thanks to ulcerine compound 1 and 2 from Dr Verma. Dr Verma's medicine promotes healing to my intestine. Their mission is to heal people in the truest of sense. All I know is that Dr Verma is very passionate to heal all the sufferers."

    Preeti Punjab ( +91-7085785274)

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    "I consulted Dr. Harish Verma and the Ulcerative colitis treatment of Ulcerin Compound 1 and 2 started, and there are no words for the profound effect this Ayurvedic medicine had on my life and me. Awesome Product"

    Mrs. DimpleDubai

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    I noticed lot of sluggishness and lack of energy and when I got my cholesterol and liver enzymes checked by my doctor who told me I could have fattly liver disease. I was listening to CJMR Radio and Heard about dr. harish and went to him after a few days. After consulting him , he advised me to take Fattyliv Capsules. I have noticed a change in my energy levels and my digetion has also improved. Last week I got my liver enzymes checked and they were in normal range in 1 week's time. This product really works !!!


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    I have had joint pain from my arthritis im my hands from many years of typing on the computer. I was listening to CJMR Radio (Toronto) and then consulted Dr. Harish. After Dr. harish's recommendation starting to use Rheumed Capsule 1 & 2 the pain has gone away and inflammation has gone down drastically. Great product and so glad it was suggested to me to take as it is a natural way to heal my pains and I've finally said goodbye to steroids !