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Fight against Viral infections & reduce inflammation with Ayurveda

Introducing Sushruta's Viroflam Therapy

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Prepared from powerful Immunomodulator, anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory herbal extracts.

  • All Natural

  • GMP Certified

  • Pure Veg

  • 100% Effective

Call us when you feel:

  • Any fever that lasts 2 days or more
    • Sore throat
    • fever, headache, stomach ache, rash, or vomiting
  • Continuous Coughing
  • Stuffy nose that isn’t improving
  • Ear pain with fever or that interferes with sleep
  • Unusually fast or shallow breathing

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    For all Seasonal Viral Flu Infections, Mild/Moderate Coronavirus Infections, Dengue, Hepatitis Virus Infections Call our Experts
    +91 99106 72020

    Ingredients of Viroflam Therapy

    Ashwagnadha Extract

    Ashwagnadha Extract Natural stress reliever, reduces blood pressure & improves immune system.

    Giloy Extract

    Giloy Extract Powerful anti oxidant, Boosts Immunity and helps fight diseases and bacteria.

    Tulsi Extract

    Antimicrobial properties that protects against infections and promote total well being.

    Turmeric Extract (95%)

    Potent anti inflammatory that reduces inflammation in soft tissues, nose, throat, tonsils, muscles & joints.

    Ginger Extract

    Anti bacterial, Anti oxidant activity, helps in improving sluggish metabolism and active absorption of other herbal ingredients.

    Pipli Extract

    Regulation of metabolism and enhances effectiveness of the herbs used in this product.

    Do you not feel relieved of viral infections despite regular treatment?

    If you have not yet found relief from Viral Flu, Cough & Cold, you should consider switching to a new treatment that aims at curing the problem once and for all, rather than sticking to a treatment that prevents only flare-ups. Sushruta Ayurvedic Clinic brings the healing powers of ancient ayurvedic herbs within the reach of each affected patient.

    Try our 100% safe and effective VIROFLAM THERAPY.

    Why choose Sushruta Clinic?

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      What our patients have to say ?

      – Arvind Rajpal

      “As a father of 2 kids, It has been very difficult to keep my family from catching cold and seasonal flu. I knew that something had to be done about it. I talked to my friend and he suggested me Viroflam Therapy from Sushruta. Now my whole family uses this as a daily staple and also as immunity booster. I highly recommend this to everyone.”

      – Arvind Rajpal

      – Nidhi

      “I am extremely prone to seasonal flu. All these years I suffered from seasonal allergies, cough , running nose that affected my work efficiency as well. But after adding Viroflam therapy in my routine, my condition has really improved. Thank you to Dr. Harish Verma and Sushruta clinic.”

      – Nidhi

      – Rahul Sharma

      “Being a business executive is really hectic and full of stress because i tend to forget about my health. But I am happy that a single bottle of Viroflam is keeping my immunity good and helps me to perform better. It’s a perfect addition to my life.”

      – Rahul Sharma

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